The Brunette Blend Is Back

Fancy seeing you here again. You know how the saying goes, set it free and if it comes back, its meant to be. 

A year ago I wasn't feeling inspired with my blog and really didn't know how to move forward with it. I could have just let it sit to figure it all out, but no. I had the wild idea of completely rebranding, like big rebrand. I ruined the site and lost everything I had written over the two years, because I doubted myself. 

The Brunette Blend - Break It Fix it -Special.jpg

My feed was flooded with fashion bloggers and the same four poses and set of 30 hashtags. I had convinced myself that I wanted to start a fashion blog and really niche down to grow it. I bought a domain, design template, had a gorgeous logo made, took photos, and wrote a ton of articles for when I pushed this endeavor live. 

If it’s not broken, break it, then make it better.

I thought this is what I had to do to be successful at blogging. Here's the (silly) thing. I like fashion and clothes, but I don't love them. I don't have a passion for it so it didn't fuel me how spilling beauty tips and tricks did. I didn't get satisfaction from writing about it.

I never pushed it live. It expired, I didn't renew. 

The Brunette Blend has always in the back of my mind and I kicked myself for trying to 'fix' the backend to rebrand which resulted in losing everything. At least once a month this past year, someone would ask about The Brunette Blend or mention it in some way. It gave me mixed emotions. I had something that was me, that I was passionate about and I pushed it away. 

Now that we're through the drama, I don't think this was all bad. It showed me what I want to work on and what I'm passionate about. Recently I have been hearing, 'if its not broke, break it, then fix it and make it better;' so Step 1 was done, I already broke The Brunette Blend. Now I'm on Step 2, fixing it. I can't wait for Step 3, making it better.  

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