Lift + Depuff with Facial Gua Sha

We need to have a conversation about facial gua sha and it needs to happen now. Morning puffiness, dark circles, unevenness in skin, and tension diminish when using this traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Its goal is to firm facial muscles, smooth skin, and improve complexion. OK, what could be better? 

Facial gua sha

I came across facial gua sha randomly and fell into a YouTube rabbit hole. I landed on Treatment by Lanshin's step by step video and it blew me away. This woman's skin was incredible (I'm not using that lightly - INCREDIBLE) and the technique she used looked easy and efficient. I wasted no time ordering my gua sha tool along with facial mist and more rose hip oil. 
After the first time using the technique and tool, these were my findings:

  • Diminished bloat in my face

  • Sculpted and shaped my face - especially around the eyes and cheek bones

  • My red acne scars were faded

  • There was less tension in my neck and face

The more you do it, the better it gets. I do it most mornings to depuff and reduce any dark circles. It takes about 5 minutes max and its absolute magic. Its become a relaxing ritual in the AM (and sometimes in the PM). 

SO what's the difference between this and a jade roller? I think it all lays within the technique. With gua sha, your motions are intentional, dedicated to certain areas, and always with an upward motion (think lifting). Anything I was rolling on my face would help, but I don't think aimlessly rolling was delivering the results I wanted. 

I urge anyone to try this technique. The biggest thing is that its efficient and works. Its also cheap, you don't need anything fancy. You can customize it with products however you like. Like, I don't have facial mist right now, but I have oil and my tool - I'm good to go. 

Products used: 

Gua Sha tools

Facial Mist

Rosehip oil