A $20 Lip Mask: Worth the Hype?

A few months ago, I was walking around Chicago with the driest lips. So dry, it looked like I was wearing dried out lip liner. (I promise the story gets better).

Enter LANEIGE Lip Mask. Winner of a Glamour Beauty Award, has tons of rave reviews online, and among the most talked about beauty products. Obviously I had heard about it, but never experienced it. Was it worth all the hype it was getting?

The Brunette Blend-Kiss Dry, Chapped Lips Goodbye-Laneige-Sleeping Mask.jpg


Yes, it was all the hype this lip mask was getting.

Forget a thick balm that will stick to your hair, LANEIGE’s lip mask is created to allow quick absorption and features their exclusive Moisture Wrap™ technology. This feature contains hyaluronic acid (moisture-binding ingredient) to provide a protective layer to lock in moisture over 8-hours AND keep skin looking hydrated + plump.

The Results

  • After one night, the flakiness of my chapped lips was dramatically reduced.

  • Completely gone by the second night.

  • My lips have never felt smoother.

  • My lipstick has never looked better

$20 for a special lip mask may seem like a lot, but I have used this every night since December and you’d think I bought it days ago. 100% worth it and will always have on hand.