Spice Up Your Hairstyle in 30 Seconds + Under $10

Anyone else just feeling so bored with their hair? I’m growing mine out so it has a mind of its own. Up, down, Bobby pinned, French twisted in a clip. So many options, but not enough pizazz.


Large and in charge hair accessories are the hot thing right now. ESPECIALLY the oversized glam barrettes. As a 90’s baby, I appreciate and understand a good barrette. The pearls are adorable and sends my mind running to 4 year old Sam in a pink dress with a pearl barrette on the back of my head. 

Photo from  Chiclotte

Photo from Chiclotte

While pearls are fabulous and dress up any look, I wanted something a little more neutral that can be rocked with a T-shirt, ripped denim and all-white sneaks if I’m being honest. (What’s worse than your accessories not vibing with your OOTD?) I found the DREAM barrette pack on Amazon (bonus it’s under $10 for SO MANY clips). A mix of pearls and tortoiseshell clips perfect for literally any occasion. I love that you can double up or a rock a single clip and instantly elevate your hairstyle. 

If we’re being honest (and we are)  it scratches that “I want to chop my hair” itch since the clips bring just a enough difference.