Why Jojoba Oil + Three Ways to Use It

No fancy introductions over here today, because we need to chat jojoba oil. As of a couple months ago I learned about this magical ‘oil’ and have been compelled to share ever since. For starters, I learned its pronounced ho-ho-ba oil and realized I’ve never attempted to say it aloud. While this may be exciting new information, it isn’t the real reason we’re chatting about it on The Brunette Blend.

Are you ready for the big one?

Jojoba oil has similar properties to our natural sebum.

Did your jaw drop? Because mine did when I learned this little tidbit.

A quick refresher: sebum is a waxy substance that is secreted from glands in our skin. This keeps our skin moisturized, helps maintain elasticity and protects our skin from bacteria. Sounds kind of gross, but necessary for that glow!

Since jojoba oil has a similar makeup to sebum, it balances out oil levels and acts as an incredible moisturizer for dry skin. It also has Vitamin E, which helps soothe inflammation. Cool, right?!

I was told to try using it as a natural makeup remover and I won’t lie to you, I’m never not going to use this. It effortlessly removes makeup and my eyelashes are no longer being scrubbed out. While this is great, my favorite part is how my skin feels. Its soft, looks vibrant AND my break outs have been much more manageable.

Three Ways to Incorporate Jojoba Oil

  1. makeup remover | double cleanse

    Take a small amount and rub gently onto the face. With a baby washcloth (these are softer and less abrasive on sensitive skin) , gently wipe away makeup. While double cleansing is great for those who wear makeup, jojoba oil offers the first cleansing pass. You can then cleanse with your regular face wash.

  2. seal in that skincare routine

    When using your skincare products, its best to layer them in a certain order so they penetrate and work properly on your skin. Starting with the thinnest/lightest layer, you can use a small amount of jojoba oil as the final step to seal in your nighttime skincare.

  3. moisturizer

    If you prefer to not layer your skincare, you can use jojoba oil as your moisturizer after cleansing.

You can find jojoba oil in various stores, health shops and Amazon.

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