Hair Scarves to Recreate Kristen Ess' 'Half Bow' Hair Tutorial

The other day we had some fun on Instagram Stories attempting to recreate a Kristin Ess hair tutorial. A messy, yet chic low bun adorned with a scarf. I still can’t get over how cute it was. Due to my personal scarf collection, I couldn’t recreate the look. One scarf was the equivalent of wrapping a hand towel in my hair and the other gave off tiny veil vibes.


Growing up I was taught to ‘never give up, never surrender'.’ This wasn’t necessarily directed toward hairstyles, but it applies where it applies, right? Thanks to some suggestions, we found much more appropriate scarves to complete the look and we present them to you today. Because no one should be forced to wear a tiny veil scarf if they don’t want to….