How To Get Bat Worthy Lashes + Not Break The Bank

If there is one thing that has never gone out of style for me, its a bat worthy lash. I want big, full, lifted lashes with tons of volume. I want it as simple as possible, of course (extensions just aren’t for me).

In high school I would layer 2-3 different mascaras - you know, you have to length, separate, and boost! Then in college I would put baby powder on my lashes in between mascara coats. I was DEDICATED to the lash.

The Brunette Blend - Bat Worthy Lashes - Primer

Few years post grad, I’ve been embracing (and I mean really embracing) PRIMER. I’ve tried and loved many. Its easy to see why its a makeup bag essential. Grab your favorite mascara and pair it with a primer for ultimate oomf!

Benefits to using a primer

  • Thickens and conditions

  • Use less product

  • Amps up ordinary mascara

  • Reduces flakiness of mascara

  • Boosts appearance of lash length

  • Separates lashes

The Brunette Blend - Bat worthy lashes