Three Sun Protection Products That Live On My Vanity

Can we chat SPF and sun for a second? I used to be that girl who only wore sunscreen in the summer by the pool (and sometimes I wouldn’t even do that). The thought of my friend and I in high school TANNING WITH BABY OIL makes me cringe. I have always known that I burn, but thought I could somehow trick my body into giving me a tan. Maybe I was really honing in on that 25% Italian part of me - HA!

Fast forward to today and I have a whole arsenal of SPF that I use DAILY. It doesn’t matter what the season is, if its sunny or shady, at the very least SPF 30 is going on. DYK that UVA rays can actually alter your cell membranes? It actually changes the proteins that make up collagen and elastin in your skin, causing it to sag and wrinkle [Source] So what’s the harm in being preventative? Oh, healthy and youthful looking skin you say? Uh. Count me in. 

Three Sun Protection Products That Live On My Vanity


Neutrogena Hydro Boost SPF 30

This has been my go-to body sunscreen. In my opinion, their products are perfect for summertime, the sunscreen is extremely lightweight, moisturizing, smells fresh and doesn’t cause stick. Honestly, what’s worse than putting on sunscreen and you start sticking to everything? Its also a great product to reapply with. I know you know you have to reapply sunscreen. As we mentioned before, this sunscreen is so lightweight, that reapplying doesn’t cause previous sunscreen to flake up and roll into weird tiny sunscreen balls. 

Super Goop Unseen Sunscreen

We’ve talked about this one. Its a great facial sunscreen. Super lightweight, moisturizing, scentless and even acts as a makeup primer. It seamlessly fits into my AM skincare routine: ice roll, splash with cold water, spritz some green tea facial mist, and then on goes the SPF. Done in about 2 minutes. 

DERMA•E Essentials SPF Powder

Reapplying is a BIG must if you want to keep your skin safe. Thankfully, we have access to so many great products to do so. I finally got my hands on an SPF powder! The brush and SPF powder are in one making it super easy to use and pop in your bag. I finish my makeup with this stuff and reapply throughout the day. Its one of my favorite things right now. Bonus points, my makeup looks better AND last throughout the day.