Have you added face shaving to your skincare routine yet? If not, we need to change this immediately

Before we introduce the perfect tool you can find just about anywhere (yes, anywhere from Walgreens to Amazon), let's put the ka-bosh on a few face shaving rumors: 

-Your hair will NOT grow in thicker.

-Your hair will NOT be any darker than it already is.

-Your hair will NOT grow back in as stubble. 

Face shaving has been talked/raved about, but a lot of praise revolved around these small razors. As someone who accidentally nicks themselves while shaving, having a razor on my face made my nervous.

Since my mom is the real beauty influencer, she introduced me to a game changing device, the Flawless by Finishing Touch. It will change the way you view hair removal. This razor has no exposed blades and removes peach fuzz painlessly (scouts honor) and efficiently. 

The Brunette Blend - Ready Set Shave Your Face - Flawless FInishing Touch.jpg

Since the Flawless razor is designed to not cause irritation, you can use it as often as needed and without any specific lotions or potions. Do it before bed, do it before make up. Live your truth. Simply turn it on and move toward the areas you’d like to remove fuzz.

Not only do get to say buh bye to hot wax for your mustache, your makeup will look better. With peach fuzz gone, makeup can lay more evenly on the skin and last longer throughout the day. Your CC cream or foundation will have not looked smoother than it does post face shave.