Loose + Casual Waves for Lob Haircut

One of the hottest haircuts in 2018/early 2019 is a long bob AKA the lob. A feminine, yet sassy cut, especially with some waves.

Styling beach waves is as easy with a little prep and an alternating technique.

PREP (if hair has just been washed):

- Apply a heat protectant to protect against damage
FAVORITE:  Aveda Damage Remedy
- Apply styling foam
FAVORITE:  Aveda phomollient
- Blow dry


-1” curling iron
-Texture spray
FAVORITE: Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

The Brunette Blend - Loose Casual Waves - Lob Haircut


- Alternate curls by curling some pieces of hair outward and some inward. (curl outward around the face)
- Leave an inch or two of the ends out of the barrel. The key to this style is STRAIGHT ENDS.
- Finish with texture spray and shake curls loose. Curls will slowly fall for a softer curl.