Your New Makeup + Creative Muse/Crush: Jo Baker

Makeup lovers and creatives in general, start following @missjobaker on Instagram now

Jo Baker is a celebrity makeup artist (fun fact: USHER hired her *heart eyes * ) that takes inspiration from anything from a kitchen to an actual fish tail and creates unique and distinct looks. What we love is that is she completely open on what exactly has captivated and inspired her. (P.S. she has a really cool story that’s worth a read here).

Most notable (and the one that helped us discover Baker) are the looks she completed on actress Lucy Boyton. With various lines, shapes, and colors, Boyton’s eyes pop like a work of art.

Her process and behind the scenes content fuels creativity and the art of makeup. Lately make up has felt like a way to fix flaws and enhance appearance. While that is a big draw, Baker shows fun, inspired looks that don’t have to live on the page of a magazine or the red carpet. 

A little reminder that anything can be a canvas, anything can be inspiration, and to have fun. Now go spend hours scrolling through Baker’s Instagram inspiration! Promise you’ll feel the spark, too.