Nicki Lenore's Beauty Secret

Nicki is one of the most positive people you’ll find on the Internet. You’ll find her page to be filled with lifestyle content, amazing artwork, and her latest beauty tries (she did the Hanacure mask and it was nothing short of amazing!). She is truly someone that works hard and looks fabulous doing it. Her energy is contagious and we wanted to know what made this go-getter feel her best!

The Brunette Blend - Nicki Lenore - Beauty Secret

Nicki Lenore’s secret beauty tip is…

“Eyebrows are huge in the beauty world these days.  I’ve heard women say it’s the first thing they notice now on another woman. Not their smile, eyes, hair, or outfit…….but their eyebrows.

When I was getting more & more compliments about my brows and questions of what products I use I thought to myself, “I must be doing something right.” I’ve even had people ask me if I have had my brows microbladed, now that is a HUGE compliment. It took me awhile to find what products work for me, but I finally found the perfect combo of products and essentials.

Following are my secrets & tips to what I use to shape my brows along with key essentials to have while applying:

▪️My favs:

- Benefit Cosmetics : Preciously, My Brow Pencil & Gimme Brow

 ▪️Key Essentials:

 -Q-tips to use if you made them too dark. You gently rub the q-tip to remove to lighten up.

-Make up remover wipe of any kind to get liner along the outside edges and wipe to remove.”

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