Jordie of Pasta and Pearls Spills Her 'Boldest' Tip

We aren’t lying when we say Pasta and Pearls is our style icon. Jordie’s style is a mix of trendy, fun, and classic. Oh, and she’s the QUEEN of layering. Seriously, she’s consistently in our ‘suggested’ IG section, because she’s one of our go-to’s for #OOTD inspiration.

The Brunette Blend - Pasta and Pearls - Beauty Secret - Brows

Not only does she have killer taste in fashion, her makeup is flawless. It’s no secret that we needed her to share her beauty secret/tip. Lucky for all of us, we got a response to one of her most FAQs.

Jordie’s Beauty Tip Is…

“Beauty Product: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown

The Brunette Blend- Pasta and Pearls-Beauty Tip- Brows

Beauty Tip: One of my most asked questions is how I do my brows - which is quite fitting since they are one of the most important things to me when it comes to my beauty routine. I love a bold brow, but I also like to keep it looking natural. The best way to achieve this is to draw in the inner corners of my brow and fill in the outer corners. This means I draw hair like strokes in the inner part of my brow to make sure it doesn't look too harsh. I then fully fill in my brow at the ends for a more structured look (while still keeping a soft hand). This beauty tip creates the perfect "bold natural brow" every time!”

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Photos by  @pastaandpearls

Photos by @pastaandpearls