$11 Cream to Powder Highlighter for a Natural Glow

The days of referring to ‘highlighter’ and associating neon yellow or pink pens are long gone.

Highlighter is all about a bright, sparkly pop to ‘highlight’ certain features of your face and create the vibe of a lift. Nearly every makeup brand has their version of a highlighter and it can be hard to drill own and find what works for you.

Physicians Formula is one of those brands that tends to get overlooked in the aisles, but direct your attention to them immediately. Their Butter Highlighter is an option that should land in your shopping cart ASAP. 

The Brunette Blend - $11 Cream to Powder Highlighter for a Natural Glow - Physicians Formula

With an overwhelming number of 5 star reviews, the cream to powder formula creates a subtle natural looking glow instantly. Since it melts into the skin, its doesn’t fade throughout the day. 

Since Physicians Formula is also about added benefits, it contains anti-aging peptides and skin-conditioning ingredients. That means hydration and looking dewy in the best way. 

Places to apply highlighter:

-Cheek bones

-Cupids bow

-Tip and bridge of nose

-Corners of eyes

-Below brow bone

You’ll find this highlighter online and most drugstores. We snagged ours from Target for $10.95. The line includes a variety of shades and tons of product to get your glow on.