Add this $6 Product for Clearer Complexion

Lotions, potions, and anything witchy - I'm into it. So its kind of surprising I was steering clear of witch hazel - mainly because I had zero idea how to use it. I was struggling with cystic acne, you know those underground bumps, and had no idea how to get rid of them.  Thanks to a girls night (seriously what are girlfriends for?) I got all the details on what witch hazel was used for and how it was working for them.  

Since girlfriends are the original influencers, I ran to CVS immediately and spent $6 on liquid gold found in the first aid aisle.

Pro tip: if its not in the beauty aisle, go to first aid.

Witch Hazel is known to ease inflammation and soothe skin. This makes it great to use as a toner in your skincare routine. It is essentially an astringent which helps shrink pores and may protect your pores from acne-causing bacteria. [Source] 

It's easy to incorporate Witch Hazel into your routine. Post facial cleanse, apply Witch Hazel with a cotton pad. Once dried, apply your moisturizer. 

The Brunette Blend - $6Product Clear Skin - Cotton Swab

After adding Witch Hazel to my AM and PM skincare routine, I noticed a better complexion and the cystic acne swelling slowly going down. While it was only $6 bucks, it made me feel like a million.