A Trip to Jewel-Osco + Four Makeup Suggestions for Middle Schoolers

What do you remember about the very first time you got your own makeup? I was probably in 6th grade at the Jewel-Osco by Merrimac Park with my mom. She said, ‘lets get you some makeup today.’ It was music to my ears (a Britney Spears album if we’re specific). I got a Neutrogena lip gloss, blush and that pink and green mascara: Great Lash (its a right of passage). This was MY makeup, it got to live in MY room. It was exciting. No online makeup tutorials or beauty influencers, just me in my room with an assortment of CDs.

That was over 10 years ago. The other day I was told my little cousin wanted makeup lessons from me. I was flattered and got to thinking what she needed. The truth is, she doesn’t need anything. She’s beautiful inside and out. At 11 years old, I think its more of the want to do your makeup and seeing a little color on your cheeks.

This got me thinking more. What do you get a young person that wants to explore makeup ESPECIALLY in this space where we have SO much information at our finger tips? Well, I went back to that Jewel-Osco (mentally of course). Somethings are the same, some got an upgrade. These are simply suggestions as the inevitable over lined eyes will come on their own.

Four Makeup Suggestions for Middle Schoolers


This is a HUGE must. Look for a sunscreen that is facial specific. Sunscreen isn’t something that should be worn on beach days. Its really something to be worn on a regular basis. A few years ago, I discovered I was more inclined to apply sunscreen regularly if I used a damp makeup sponge. It makes it more of a ritual and ‘makeup’ step. Sometimes the fun of makeup isn’t the product, its the application of it. It doesn’t matter how old you are, sunscreen ALWAYS. Make this the top item on the list. This makeup sponge is my favorite AND comes with a protective case. Cool!


A simple way to add a little color to the face. Pair with a blush brush for the perfect dusting of color. My favorite is the one from Real Techniques. It helps make blush look natural and subtle.


You can continue the Great Lash tradition or amp it up with Lash Paradise. It comes in a variety of color options and is a great mascara. No flaking or smudging.

Lip Gloss

Another must. No makeup kit is complete without a lipgloss. A nice way to add a hint of color and sheen. Since we’re going down memory lane, this is the first one I had.

Middle school or not, you’re a beautiful person. You’re a strong person. Makeup will never changes that.