For Those Who Can't Rock A High Pony; Here's the Loose Perky Pony

From up dos to loose day old curls, the perfectly 'undone' hairstyle is all over the place. The piecey styles embrace the imperfections giving it its chic, effortless look. One of the most iconic wearers of the style is Brigitte Bardot, who inspired this spiced up pony (because not all of us can sport an Ariana pony tail). Instantly alter your daily style with a pony tail that can go from day to night in a snap. 

The Brunette Blend-Loose Perky Pony-Brigitte Bardot Inspired.JPG


1. Use dry shampoo to add texture + grip.

FAVORITE: Aveda Shampure dry shampoo. 

2. Curl hair both inward + outward (alternating) for a more natural look. 

FAVORITE: Sultra 1.5' curling wand 

3. Allow curls to cool then spritz hair spray

FAVORITE: Aveda Air Control Light Hold

4. Tease crown a little for some ooommmpf! 

5. Loosely gather hair into ponytail by the middle of your hair + secure with a clear elastic band (these hold better + doesn’t let your ponytail drop).

FAVORITE: Scrunci Mixed Size Elastics

6. BONUS: Pull/leave some loose pieces in front to frame the face and really tee up the 'I don't care, but I do' look.

7. BONUS X2: add a ribbon for some flare  (jazz hands)