Hair Pins to Recreate Kristin Cavallari 'Business Chic' Bun

Effortless looking hairstyles are in. Think loosely tied, tendrils lightly falling. Kristin Cavallari rocked this style with two giant looking bobby pins.

Now if you Google ‘large bobby pins,’ you aren’t going to find the above. You’ll get the basic bobby pin that’s slightly bigger. Other than securing your hairstyle, these pins work as an accessory, so you want them to show. To save you some time, we combed through the comments section of her post to get leads.

The pins are called u pins or hair forks.

It is looking like you’ll have the best luck with stores among the Etsy vein for now. Since we’re 100% getting some (a loose messy look is our jam), we thought we’d share what we’re finding: